The Aqua Pearls - The Team
The permanent team consists of:
7 permanent instructors and 
5 permanent lifeguards.

Permanent instructors are: 

Carol Scott           Manager                 Tel: 433756 
Carolyn Brown    
Anna Sharp
Liz Corlett
Brody Hewison
William Holden
Lynda Sharp 

Di Swain                    Supply
Jo Convery                Supply
Katherine Glennon   Supply

This is an exceptionally strong and excellent team of instructors. They are passionate about swimming and love teaching. It is a vocation for them. They are all talented, patient and highly successful. All instructors have been policed checked.
Permanent lifeguards are:

Keisha Hewison
Brody Hewison
Max Lewthaite 
Harrison Katz
Graham Delooze

Cara Bregazzi    Supply
Zara MacLean    Supply    

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