The Aqua Pearls - Testimonials
             A Small Selection of Testimonials Taken From Letters, 
E-Mails, Texts and Cards

       "I would like to thank you for all your years of encouragement and patience. I
          now have 2 very competent swimmers on my hands and I know they have both enjoyed attending your classes, as have I." C.C - Jan 17

"Thank you so much for all your help and I appreciate everything you have done. I highly recommend Aqua Pearls and will miss bringing him" L.O - December 2016

"There is such a difference in him since starting the 121. The lessons are brilliant." text from a parent L.L - June 16

"You made me feel confident in every way and gave me the strength to do what I did this evening. Thank you so much. You are a brilliant teacher and I am so glad I have you to learn from".  text from an adult after their lesson. - V.W - April 16

"I just wanted to say thank you, as I am so impressed with how he has come on in only 2 lessons". -  e-mail from a parent after 121 lessons- D.B - Feb 16

"Thank you so much for all your patience and guidance. I've tried lots of different swim classes and you're the first to make a difference. All down to you being a great teacher." - card from an adult - S.J - Feb 16

"Thanks again it meant so much to be taught by an amazing and inspiring teacher who doesn't give up on figuring on how to get each person to improve." - text from an adult - A.H - Dec 15

"Thank you again, it was like she just had 6 months of lessons in one". -  text from an adult regarding her daughters 121 lesson - N.W
 "I am still buzzing! Thank you so much for the lesson tonight, it was fabulous and I have come away feeling such a huge sense of achievement. I never thought I'd be able to swim like that!" - email sent by an adult after her lesson. - J.H Oct 15

"As a mother of five children I also appreciate how obliging the swim school was in managing to get both boys in at the same time on the same day whilst also catering for both their needs in different classes, brilliant". - letter from a parent
"Dedicated help for every child... my son now swims like Michael Phelps!"
"All the staff are excellent and they bring out the best in the children".
"Carol is an excellent coach who has skill, patience and a rapport with children".
"My daughter is improving each week. I can't believe the change in her swimming ability in only a matter of weeks".
"Thank you for teaching my son over the past few years, he has really enjoyed the swimming club and I know he will miss it".
"My son has totally embraced his swimming lessons and thoroughly enjoys it. It is the one club that I never get "I don't want to go today"! He has a grin from ear to ear the whole time and it is a pleasure to watch".
 "Thank you so much you are doing a fantastic job. I can't believe how much both boys have improved in one week".
"My daughter has swimming lessons with The Aqua Pearls and I have been delighted with the approach taken and the progress she is making, so thank you".

"Thank you so much. He has improved so much in only 3 weeks he has been with you".

"She has had a great time. You have managed to turn her in to a very competent swimmer. Thank you ever so much, can't recommend Aqua Pearls highly enough and I wish you continued success".

"Thank you for another fantastic term at Aqua Pearls. My son has really come on in leaps and bounds since starting with you and you teach to perfection".
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